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Fighting drug-resistant bacteria. Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin hope to curb the spread of multidrug-resistant pathogens in animal husbandry. Read article on fu-berlin.de

A war with more than two parties. American historian Timothy Nunan is currently at Freie Universität studying the importance of the Middle East during the Cold War. Read article on fu-berlin.de

University students and olympians. Several top athletes are students at Freie Universität; professors act as mentors, helping them to better balance the demands of their studies and competitive sports. Read article on fu-berlin.de

Graduates in academia and the research sector, government ministries, and the European Commission. The Environmental Policy Research Centre looks back on a 30-year success story. Read article on fu-berlin.de

The tale of the happy cow. Historian Veronika Settele studies the history of animal husbandry in Germany. Read article on fu-berlin.de

Soaring over Berlin. Researchers from Freie Universität Berlin go on aerial sensing missions to support the European satellite SENTINEL-5P. Read article on fu-berlin.de

It’s not just the genes. Pharmacologist Sarah Hedtrich studies the causes of atopic dermatitis and has just won an award for her work. Read article on fu-berlin.de

Keeping memory alive. Research project at Freie Universität presents victims of the East German border regime and their biographies; commemorative book currently being prepared. Read article on fu-berlin.de

Does it depend on the melting point? Virologist Michael Veit and an international team of scientists are researching ways to better predict how dangerous bird flu viruses are to humans. Read article on fu-berlin.de

Wearing a Freie Universität t-shirt at preschool. Benjamin van Well and Liu Lingshan met in Dahlem – and now live in Beijing with their daughter. Read article on fu-berlin.de